Medicare Waives DME Credentialing Requirements

If you are not yet a participating provider with Medicare or Medicaid, for the first time ever, you can get in-network with Medicare and Medicaid for FREE without the typical bureaucratic hoops to jump through…

 CMS is using its authority under Section 1135 of the Social Security Act to offer flexibilities with Medicare provider enrollment to support the 2019-Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) national emergency.

In addition to standard enrollment, DMEPOS Licensing is currently being fast-tracked with NO application fees, finger-printing, background checks or site surveys. Your application can now be approved online within 7-days or via mail within 14-days, according to the CMS bulletin.

Any application opened after March 20th is automatically eligible. Simply call the Medicare provider hotline for your region located within the COVID-19 FAQ’s sheet to confirm. Applications opened before March 20th should call the hotline to see if pending applications can be approved immediately. If reported that this is not possible, you may consider closing the application and submitting a new application online for approval within 7-days.

This deregulatory response can save the $595 application fee and months of processing time for physicians and practice owners. However, these waivers are only available during the current national emergency declaration, so this unique opportunity could be gone as early as the end of April! 

Apply now using the 855s form and 855b form.

Additionally, CMS is postponing accreditation requirements for non-physician owners. For the first time ever, this group may be able to avoid the usual accreditation and surety bond requirements applied to them, but not “exempt individuals” as defined within the DMEPOS Accreditation Fact Sheet.

If you require assistance with Insurance Credentialing or preparing your DMEPOS application, Integrative Practice Solutions may be able to help. Please call us at (855) 854-6332 or email for more information.

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