IPS AARP Training

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A Hands-On Clinical Training System Designed to Improve Patient Outcomes and Increase Practice Revenue!

IPS offers a specially assembled team of professionals consisting of experienced physicians and business/billing/administrative experts that will provide hands-on and/or remote teaching and guidance on all aspects of The Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol™. Reception staff training with a heavy focus on patient scheduling as well as marketing response management is also provided. All training packages include complementary 6 month post-training case audits and material reviews. We stand by YOU and our program with ongoing support!

IPS AARP Training

We train clinicians across the country, providing them with the skills and resources below:

Care Plans

  • Explore how to establish and deliver complete clinical care plans through an effective report of findings and salesmanship
  • Experience hands-on injection training and post-injection therapy options

Administrative Education

  • Explore how to establish and deliver complete clinical care plans through an effective report of findings and salesmanship
  • Experience hands-on injection training and post-injection therapy options
  • Obtain phone scripts for handing new patient calls/inquiries to ensures that all new patient inquiries result in booked consultations.


  • Education on use of fluoroscopic guidance, and how to perform an arthrogram
  • Understand the pros and cons of each diagnostic x-ray tool, and related billing and coding guidelines

Ongoing Support

  • Opportunities for FREE and LOW COST remote and on-site trainings covering the latest developments in Orthopedic, Aesthetic, and Regenerative Medicine
  • One Year of on-call clinical and business support and consultation


  • Learn when various brands of hyaluronic acid are clinically indicated for use
  • Know when to add Regenerative Medicine and other supplemental treatment to the injection plan to maximize clinical outcomes

Clinic Operation Materials

  • Receive two printed and one digital copy of our AARP Operations Manual
  • Use of our digital In-Clinic Marketing Materials folder full of editable templates and patient brochures for patient screening/education
  • Exclusive access to the IPS AARP Client Training Portal complete with program guides, resources, and video training modules


  • Understand key clinical factors that indicate and contraindicate care on x-ray
  • Know how to establish medical necessity
  • Uncover the clinical and fiscal benefits of DME and other ancillary care options

Follow Up Training

  • 1 month post-training call with CEO, Lance Liberti, to ensure client satisfaction
  • 6 month clinical follow up training and complimentary case audit
  • 6 month reception staff follow up training with special focus on re-engaging established patients needing a second round of treatment


Option 1: Two Day On Site Clinical Training

Let our seasoned training team come to you! Our team will perform all AARP training modules face-to-face with your medical department, your billing/coding staff, and your reception staff to ensure all staff is well versed and all questions are answered in real-time. Training consists of one administrative, billing, and consultation training day, followed by one active patient care day with live treatments.  Receive hands-on guidance on injection technique and use of your new equipment.  Schedule your own patients for hands-on consultation and injection. Start your training a novice and end with billable claims and a hand-full of established cases!

Option 2: Two Day Luminary Site Clinical Training

Join us at one of our luminary sites to shadow experienced medical teams.  Observe the well-oiled machine of an IPS integrated AARP clinic. Training consists of one non-patient care day in which general learning will be achieved, as well as one active patient care day of shadowing live treatments.  (Recommended for licensed medical providers with established clinics only)


  • Hotel accommodations for up to two (2) included
  • General airfare
  • Transportation to and from airport, hotel, and training site

IPS AARP Operations Manual

IPS provides a comprehensive Operations Manual detailing our program; providing quick reference to support the hands-on IPS AARP Two Day Training proven to net successful results for IPS Integrated Clinics.

Review the Table of Contents to more fully understand the level of detail provided in the IPS Operations Manual for the AARP Program.

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