Practical Tools to Grow Your Practice

A Hands-On Clinical Training System that Provides You with the Keys To Practice Success!

We offer a specially assembled team of professionals consisting of experienced physicians, as well as, business and administrative experts that have jointly helped many doctors incorporate our highly effective treatment protocols into their practices as well as learn how to properly bill and code for these services. On-site training for clinicians and administrative staff is included with each package, only the amount of time varies depending on which program is selected.

Review the IPS 2-Day On-Site Training Syllabus

We can deliver the specialized training and hands-on support thereafter that your practice needs to maximize collections, ensure a safe-pointed and compliant practice, establish effective and efficient clinical protocols, train and monitor your staff, and assist in bridging the gap with the community in
your area.

Beyond this, you will be provided with an opportunity to learn these practices and systems hands-on in some of the nation’s largest and most successful multi-disciplinary practices.

In-Office Resource Guide – IPS AARP Clinic Manual

IIPS Clinic ManualPS provides a comprehensive clinic manual along with our program, which provides a reference to support the hands-on training program that has proven to net successful results for the IPS Member Clinics.

Review the Table of Contents to more fully understand the level of detail provided in the IPS Clinic Manual for the OA Knee Program.

Value-Added Expertise

At IPS, we also deliver business management support in areas such as statistical management, staffing and human resources, conducting staff meetings, and adding personal accountability to your practice and staff. That said, these management protocols and systems are not just some “theory” that may or may not deliver measurable results in your practice.

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