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As part of our practice model, Integrative Practice Solutions offers and trains our clients on the most technologically advanced non-surgical Osteoarthritis treatment solutions and the equipment required to implement them. These devices, combined with our clinical protocols, offer you highly effective treatment and increased new patient acquisition.

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Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that utilizes X-rays obtain real-time moving images of the internal structures of a GE Fluoroscopepatient through the use of a fluoroscope. Fluoroscopes can be an invaluable tool in the treatment and care of Osteoarthritis of the knee as they provide immediate and vivid internal imagery of the patient clearly demonstrating the bony structures and the joint space of the knee. This technology also allows for the performance of an Arthrogram. An Arthrogram is a series of images of a joint after injection of a contrast medium. The clinician performs the study utilizing the fluoroscope to guide the placement of the needle into the joint and then injects an appropriate quantity of contrast. By incorporating this diagnostic tool into our intra-articular joint injection program we not only increase positive outcomes dramatically, but also build in a robust reimbursable component to each and every care plan.

The following animation demonstrates the appropriate application of an Arthrogram as part of The Integrative Practice Solutions intra-articular joint injection program:

The following animation demonstrates the appropriate application of an Arthrogram as part of The Integrative Practice Solutions intra-articular joint injection program:

The Integrative Practice Solutions System utilizes only the highest quality and most cost-effective fluoroscopic devices available today. We are a preferred vendor for Hologic devices, specifically the Insight 2 mini C-arm, which we utilize at our model training facilities throughout the US. Orthoscan Fluroscope

The OrthoScanHD is a mini C-arm mobile imaging system. The OrthoScan is used for processing and capturing live fluoroscopic images. Interfaces are provided for external peripheral devices such as controls, thermal printers, video cassette recorders and DICOM. The device is compatible with NTSC video outputs and 100 Base T Ethernet.

GE/OCE 9900Integrative Practice Solutions also offers a spinal treatment program in addition to our Osteoarthritis program. When conducting spinal injections it is necessary to employ higher powered fluoroscopic devices that penetrate deep into the body revealing even the smallest anatomy in vivid detail. Accordingly we are a preferred vendor and training facility for GE devices, specifically the GE-9600 C-arm assembly and digital imaging center.


Lordex Fitness and Rehab-56After utilizing The Integrative Practice Solutions intra-articular joint or spinal program to correct the structural defects of the patient it is often times necessary to address the a soft tissue and ligaments which may have become damaged or weakened over-time as a result of these structural deficits.

Integrative Practice Solutions is the exclusive US distributor of the Lordex rehabilitation line of products. We offer a wide range of rehabilitative devices that focus on:

  • Core Strengthening
  • Extremity Range of Motion
  • Cardiovascular Fitness

Procedure Chair

Power Procedure ChairThe Integrative Practice Solutions System utilizes the highest quality power procedure chairs to insure patient safety and ease of clinical application.

Proper positioning is crucial to providing the accessibility and flexibility you need at the point of care to create a truly “procedure-friendly” office. Power height, back, foot and tilt provide virtually endless movement capabilities, allowing you to position patients correctly for the most effective procedure. And, adjustable height allows you to work in a position that is comfortable to you.

  • Power height, back, foot and tilt
  • 450-pound patient weight capacity
  • 19″ to 40″ seat height adjustment

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