Multiple Protocols and Products for Medical Practices

Improve account penetration while creating significant financial benefits for your client’s practice.

Powerful Sales Compensation

Increase sales with income producing, high performing IPS products/services & receive above average sales compensation.

Osteoarthritis Profit Center

Lucrative insurance reimbursements with the IPS Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol for knees.

Regenerative Medicine Products

In demand, high quality regenerative medicine products = high margin cash business + positive clinical outcomes.

Juventix PRP Products

Platelet Rich Plasma products from Juventix offers superlative clinical outcomes at a commercially reasonable cost.

Predictive BioTech

Extend regenerative medicine options with the highest quality umbilical cord derived (MSC) and amniotic membrane tissue allograft in the industry.

Predictive BioTech

Provide multiple options to clinics for umbilical cord derived (MSC) and amniotic membrane tissue allograft.

In Demand Solutions

Osteoarthritis is 2nd highest chronic disease in the U.S. Clinical research confirms the IPS OA knee treatment is 92.7% effective.

In-Office Profit Center

Are your clients referring out OA knee patients for TKA after standard of care treatment? Help them keep ~1.5M in billable insurance revenue annually.

Considerable Compensation

Each new client creates between $12,000-$17,000 in commission and $2,000-$3,000 in monthly residual income. Everybody benefits!

What Our Sales Reps Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our sales team do the talking!

“I worked as a representative with IPS for almost 2 years.  As a rep who has experienced more than one “me 2” product; IPS was completely different.  Some of the major differences for me is:

1) A Leadership Team that is equally vested in driving outcomes

2) A commission plan which delivered robust earnings

3) The outcomes promised in the brochures matched  what the patients actually receive

4) A synergistic team approach to outstanding patient support, physician outcomes and a synergistic approach second to none.

I especially enjoyed the excitement of the physicians who joined our model – and essentially were able to provide a total solution without a surgical outcome….and know they would be reimbursed for their time.

The IPS model is consistent and works!  Each Physician I brought to a webinar was excited about the IPS model and found their touchpoints inside of IPS were consistent and results driven – making sure the Doctor received what they were promised.

I encourage any sales representative who is seeking another product in their bag to consider IPS… They deliver what they promise. Patients who are satisfied with their outcomes and Physicians see an immediate  increase in revenue! “

Alysia D.

“Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be empowered? Or at least feel empowered? Do you know what that word even means? Well, Integrated Practice Solutions(IPS) offers you many opportunities to learn the meaning of the word “empowered” when you become part of this wonderful company!

IPS offers reps the best of all worlds. First, by offering our physicians the incredible Orthoscan Mobile Di with portable fluoroscopy & x-ray and/or the Mini C-Arm with fluoroscopic guidance, they can offer an incredible non-surgical, injectable program to their patients. Patients regain their dignity because they can walk and function again without pain, leaving them feeling well treated, not like a number.

This empowerment cycle is completed by the fact that this Osteoarthritis non-surgical program was carefully crafted and created by a genuinely, caring individual, Lance Liberti, whose vision allows each of us to be empowered every time we market any of the fabulous programs under the IPS umbrella.

This unique, well-run company empowers us with knowledge and the opportunity to be a consultant to our physicians with every new opportunity that keeps our product line expanding —the newest being PRP and Stem Cell. We are also empowered by the great commissions that are carefully created for the time and effort that are put into our sales effort. Our time is ours, the money is ours!”

Rikki C.

“As an independent medical consultant with 20+ years of experience, I came to Integrative Practice Solutions with the expectation to impact patient’s lives and the hope of offering a better Business Model to every healthcare professional I contact. My expectations have been met and exceeded!!

Any medical sales professional with an interest in becoming part of this great organization will not be disappointed representing the IPS values, passion and commitment to impact patient’s lives, along with the services IPS can provide to a wide variety of medical healthcare practices and professionals.

Not only has the leadership team provided 110% availability to support me, but so has the whole sales team. A sign of good leadership isn’t about advancing yourself, it’s about advancing the team. This organization has put together a group of team players, from VP of Sales, CEO, COO, to leaders in the field, they are all second to none!! One final note about the leadership of this organization, as my mentor John Maxwell says: A leader is one who KNOWS the way, GOES the way and SHOWS the way. IPS leadership ROCKS!! “

Julio G.

“Integrative Practice Solutions is a true pleasure to represent.

Their leadership team offers a high degree of responsiveness and support, resources for both clients and representatives coupled with an overall can do attitude that is quite refreshing and motivating.

Add to the above an extremely effective and financially rewarding non-surgical alternative for those patients suffering from O.A. of the knee and you have a winning option for both the patient and the practitioner.

My background is primarily sales of diagnostic medical equipment and I now enjoy being able, via I.P.S., to provide not only an enhanced diagnostic capability and profitable therapy model to the client but also an effective and cost saving alternative to the patient.”

Ron P.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn residual income?

By selling our custom designed IPS OAIDE 3000 brace, you will receive a residual commission for every subsequent sale from that client. Residual income also applies to Juventix PRP Products.

How are new Reps Trained?

Aside from direct contact with other reps and online/printed materials, IPS has put together a pre-recorded sales training webinar series for the AARP program. These recordings are from a live sales training webinar including sales reps questions and answers. Available on our Sales Resource Center, the series walks reps through products, services, on-boarding new clients, lead generation, marketing and more. Associated with each training module are links to supporting forms, flyers, web pages, videos, etc.

Then we have a PRP training series for both osteopathic and aesthetics protocols.

Is there equipment leasing?

We offer a great leasing option with few practitioners failing to qualify.

Do you offer credentialing support for non-physician owned practices?

Yes. IPS handles DME & Medicare credentialing for our clients at no charge once leasing is approved when they purchase our AARP program. However we do offer DME, Medicare and Commercial Insurance Credentialing services for a fee through an IPS owned Credentialing Service.

What if the practice needs medical personnel?

IPS provides supporting medical recruiting services included in our AARP package. We also offer extended services for medical staffing recruitment for a fee with IPS owned Medical Staffing Service.

Do we offer Insurance Billing Services?

IPS has a Billing Service that provides an excellent value proposition over other Billing Agencies because IPS created their own Billing Service company.

Please, Reach Out and Ask

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

Thanks for your interest in IPS!

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