Assessing the IPS Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol (AARP)

Effectiveness of the IPS OA Knee Protocol and Practice Integration

Achieve nearly perfect clinical outcomes and get paid for all of them.

Our approach is simple, effective, and easy to duplicate. We provide the right tools and train on every role needed to integrate our system and medical procedures properly.

Employ strategies to help your practice stand out with the latest technologies.

Specialized equipment is needed to deploy our procedures and are available as part of each program, from a custom designed knee brace to fluoroscopes.

Earn more in exchange for the time and energy you pour into your practice.

We are truly unlike any other practice management organization because our diverse experts boost your clinic’s depth with experienced hands-on support.

IPS AARP Training

The IPS AARP Program Clinical/Administrative Training is conducted over 2-Days in your clinic with two highly qualified practitioners. Webinar training on patient marketing response management provided.

Knee Bracing Benefits

The custom designed IPS knee brace provides a home healing remedy that extends therapy beyond the clinical setting. Our brace also is reimbursable via insurance and is affordable for out-of-pocket patients.

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