Redeem your seat(s) for “No B.S. Strategies for Practice Enhancement” in Tampa

Don’t miss this dinner seminar, where we will share with you how to enhance positive clinical outcomes, and significantly increase your profits from each Osteoarthritis case.

The business of Viscosupplementation has changed, and you may have been left behind…Learn how to adapt and gain better clinical and financial outcomes than ever before!

Expect a little fun and some meaningful information without the usual sales pitch…

Hilton Garden Inn

5312 Avion Park Dr, Tampa, FL

Friday, August 30th

6:30 PM EST

Warning: Not Just Another Sales Seminar

● STRATEGIES on driving a high volume of new OA cases for $150 each or less
● UTILIZATION of portable video fluoroscopy to achieve positive clinical outcomes
● BENEFITS of dispensing DME knee braces; adding $1,004 in reimbursement per brace, while drastically improving “bone on bone” cases
● EXCLUSIVE membership options to reduce medication/supply costs by 20%, 40% +
● REGENERATIVE MEDICAL TECHNIQUES that can inexpensively and effectively treat meniscal tears, post-operative scar tissue, rotator cuff tears and more
● Questions and Answers


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