T.R. McManus

David Singer Enterprises

  • Global presentations on marketing and patient recruiting
  • Trains on techniques to increase patient conversion on cash protocols
  • Tools and techniques for staff to consult with patients on financing

Dr. David Singer

CEO, Director
David Singer Enterprises

  • Chiropractic Consultant and Keynote Speaker on how to get new patients, educate them and earn more income
  • Developed a 2-Day Training on Regenerative Medicine and How to Build a Cash-Based Income
  • Helped over 1000 clinics/year for 33 years

Lance Liberti

CEO, Founder
Integrative Practice Solutions

  • Expert on how to blend Regenerative Medicine into existing medical protocols
  • Presents profit models that help clinics become an integrated practice
  • MBA in Marketing and over 10 years experience in medical marketing and patient recruitment

How Successful Practices Build Cash-Based Revenue with Triple Digit Monthly Collections

Leveraging PRP & Stem Cell Therapies

Friday, December 29th @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST


Webinar Overview

-Tips on growing your clinic’s cash flow that can be utilized right away

-Methods to provide financing options to patients so staff members don’t have to deal with it

-Approaching patients on cash-based protocols without becoming a sales person

-Finding and influencing new patients who are interested in Regenerative Medicine options

-How regenerative medicine protocols can enhance patient outcomes

-Highlights of a 2-day intensive training in order to take a deeper dive on this webinar topic

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