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With healthcare reform looming and insurance reimbursements continuing to decline earning a reasonable living in private practice is no longer a simple proposition. For this reason we sought to discover a "safe haven" for private practitioners and group practices, and area of medicine where insurance reimbursements remained robust, competition was limited, and patient demand for services was high.

Osteoarthritis; Your Key to New Patient Profits!

In 2007–2009, 50% of adults 65 years or older reported an arthritis diagnosis. Even worse; 676,000 total knee replacement surgeries were performed in the United States in 2009 alone. This large and highly profitable new patient group are DESPERATELY seeking non-surgical alternatives to knee replacement surgery that actually work. Put the demand for alternative solutions to work for your practice and become the solution.

Solutions, that you need!

Integrative Practice Solutions is a complete turn-key practice system that follows a proven model of success established in dozens of multi-million dollar earning multi-disciplinary practices nationwide. Our approach is simple, effective, and easy to duplicate. Our secret lies in targeting a captive patient group that is actively seeking treatment alternatives, a group that also has comprehensive insurance benefits that are not being impacted by healthcare reform.

Integrative Practice Advantages

IPS Solutions

We handle the training, marketing, and implementation necessary to achieve success so that you don't have to worry about anything but patient care.
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Evidence Based

Both our clinical and business model are based on objective research and real-world proven results to ensure success in today's healthcare marketplace.
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Our System

By utilizing uniform training protocols and materials backed by the technology to monitor implementation in real-time our client support is un-matched.
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Our Development


The IPS System was born from real-world implementation in countless multi-million dollar integrated practices around the country. By duplicating what worked, and refining what didn't, we have identified all possible mistakes and how to avoid them.
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