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"Anything we represent in the medical space if it doesn't work clinically, it doesn't matter how profitable it is, it will not be sustainable."

- Lance Liberti
President-Integrative Practice Solutions

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Backed By Research

Our solutions offer nearly perfect outcomes that are backed by peer-reviewed, published, clinical research and positive patient testimonials.

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Watch a short testimonial and then take a moment to schedule our experts to evaluate your practice to find out how our knee program can integrate into your clinic.

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We are now offering site visits to one of our prosperous clinic facilities who have implemented our OA Knee Program.

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Fill Your Office with New Patients

Integrative Practice Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of services to help clinics successfully integrate new modalities into their practice that are in demand and highly reimbursable.

The turn-key practice system and advice we deliver is based upon a lengthy track record in our own seven figure practices, as well as those of our many satisfied clients with highly successful multi-disciplinary clinics nationwide.

Our team includes experts in the field of marketing, clinical application, business management, medical billing, coding, compliance, and much more. Our approach is direct, involved, and does not rely on you becoming an expert in every aspect of business, or implementing every strategy by over-taxing your staff.

Achieve nearly perfect clinical outcomes and get paid for all of them.

Our approach is simple, effective, and easy to duplicate. We provide the right tools and train on every role needed to integrate our system and medical procedures properly.

Earn more in exchange for the time and energy you pour into your practice.

We are truly unlike any other practice management organization because our diverse experts boost your clinic’s depth with experienced hands-on support.

Get better return on every dollar invested to build your patient base.

With our advertising and marketing campaigns we drive high value insurance-based, pre-qualified new patients to your practice…and keep them coming back.

Employ strategies to help your practice stand out with the latest technologies.

Specialized equipment is necessary to deploy our procedures and are available as part of our total solution, from a custom designed knee brace to fluoroscopes.

More Educated Patients

Patients research your recommendations and evaluate if your care plan is up-to-date, competitive and right for them.

Backed by Research

Our solutions offer nearly perfect outcomes that are backed by peer-reviewed, published, clinical research and positive patient testimonials.

Latest Technology is Key

In today’s complex healthcare marketplace offering the latest technology/equipment is paramount to practice success!

Thousands of people suffer from chronic, debilitating knee pain that limits their mobility.

Demand is high for a FDA-approved, non-surgical knee protocol that is covered by insurance.

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Avoid Knee Surgery

By the Numbers

719,000 total knee replacement surgeries were performed in the United States in 2010 alone, up by 43,000 over 2009 figures.

Source: Most Recent 2010 National Hospital Discharge Survey

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Schedule our experts to take some time to evaluate your practice and find out how our knee program can integrate into your clinic!

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Does Highly Concentrated Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Hurt or Help Tendon Healing

The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation (IOF) performed it’s own research to see who was right on this issue, based on conflicting research studies. This video describes the results of that PRP research.

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